Urban meadows

with wildflower mats
from flower your place

Green when planted and colour within six weeks. This autumn, Flower your Place presents an innovative vegetation mat, cultivated with wildflowers. With the Q2 Wildflowers, which stands for Quality and Quickness, we are using the Urban Meadow wildflower mat and have created the fastest and most effective way to stimulate biodiversity.

It is also extremely cost-effective. By rolling out a pre-cultivated and rooted wildflower mat, the result is immediate. The mat has been cultivated with minimal impact on the environment. Also, no unnatural components have been used that are not biodegradable. The chosen plant species, about thirty to forty, were composed on the basis of location, colour, production of nectar and pollen, flowering time and some ecological aspects such as shelter for fauna. Attention was paid not only to attractiveness to insects, but also to the fact that the human eye expects something. A mat pre-sown with a mixture for a shady spot is also available.

The mats are very suitable for use in public green spaces and, after installation, will quickly root through into the subsoil. Good results have been achieved in the construction of wadis, but the slope of a motorway or railway embankment, verge or roundabout can also be made attractive with the wildflower blanket. Natural landscaping of parks and squares is also possible.

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Mechanically planting of flower bulbs / flower bulb mix can only be done in closed sod. The smallest plant width is 0.50 m. The planting depth depends on the size of the bulb – approx. twice the diameter of the bulb – The surface should be relatively flat and free of stones, rubble and roots. The lawn should be mowed and moist before planting. You provide one or two employees who can refill the machine during the planting process and arrange for any reworking. The flower bulbs are delivered to you in advance. You take care of the transport of the flower bulbs from the storage to the planting site.

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