Wild­flowers for healt­hy soil

Wildflowers make an essential contribution to healthy soil in several ways. In this blog, an explanation of how wildflowers work and their uses.
native wildflower mats
Roll out an ecosystem
Native wildflower mats feature sophisticated seed mixtures. At least 30 species are present upon delivery. Depending on the planting location, much of this will grow out and contribute to a healthy, valuable ecosystem with good soil health and plenty of biodiversity. Practically immediately after rolling out, you see results: a beautiful flower meadow, instantly contributing to a strong increase in biodiversity. You don't see an equally important added value; that happens underground. Herbs are essential for healthy, nutrient-rich, permeable, breathable and erosion-resistant soil. Here we highlight some native herbs that we frequently use in our mixtures because of their specific added value to the soil.
Nitrogen fixation
and soil enrichment
Leguminous plants such as the various species of clover (Trifolium) are nitrogen fixers. These plants convert nitrogen from the air into a form that can be used by plants. These "green manures" enrich the soil without the need to apply (artificial) fertilizer. Lucerne (Medicago sativa) is also a nitrogen fixer, whose deep roots also greatly improve soil structure. Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) also has deep roots, which pull nutrients up from deeper soil layers into the upper soil layers. This makes comfrey particularly valuable for soil enrichment. Lastly, sorrel (Rumex acetosa) is also known as a native herb that improves soil health by introducing a lot of organic matter into the soil.
and erosion control
Many native herbs have deep taproots. In addition to making them highly drought-resistant, this provides deeply permeable soil with deeply penetrating air channels and good water infiltration. The Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is the best-known example. The roots bring up nutrients and another unique value of the dandelion above ground is its early flowering: an important food source for the first insects. Other examples of native herbs with taproots include wild carrot (Daucus carota), which permeates even clay soils, and chicory (Cichorium intybus), which also contributes greatly to soil biological diversity. Plantain (Plantago major) does not have a taproot, but this plant roots very deeply, with all the associated benefits from drought resistance to enrichment of soil life. Plants with not necessarily deep, but extensive, finely branched root systems also improve soil structure and these combat erosion. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a good example. Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea) is another example, which also does a good job of stabilizing soil on slopes. Finally, wild marjoram (Origanum vulgare) has a very extensive root system, which protects dry and loose soils from erosion.
above and below ground
All in all, these herbs in wildflower mats play a crucial role in improving soil health by increasing organic matter content, improving soil structure, increasing soil biodiversity, and naturally replenishing nutrients. Flower Your Place's Urban Meadow wildflower mats are grown on a canvas that prevents root damage during harvest, delivery and laying. Immediately after laying the mats, the plants will take root in the subsoil, after which they perform their positive influence on the soil. And soil health is just one aspect of how wildflower mats contribute to a more sustainable and resilient ecosystem. We have several native mixtures available for various areas. Ask us about the most appropriate solution for your location.

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