wild flowers

the mass effect

Sowing wildflowers is the quickest, easiest and most budget friendly way of applying color to the public space. We supply annual and perennial plants as seed mixtures or ready-to-use mats. Our annual mixtures will explode into a colorful mass shortly after seeding. The mats have a fully grown root network and will bloom six weeks after application. 

wildflower mats

mats to meadows


Transform any zone into an urban meadow with our home cultivated vegetation mats sown with a wildflower mix of perennial plants. Our rooted mats are easy to roll out on prepared soil – no matter the angle. This makes them ideal for taluds, wadis, on- or offramps and redesigned city districts. The mats contain sturdy plants that are eager to take root and burst into bloom. A perfect natural solution to many situations.

definite results

minimum maintenance

impulse for biodiversity

30- 40 species

prevents erosion

sown solid

The organic substrate is prepped with a perennial mixture.

root ready

We supply mats that have a developed root network. This leaves unwanted weeds no chance.

primed plants

The mats take hold quick and will prosper at the earliest opportunity.

organic base

The mat has a fully biodegradable coconut or jute fibre base.

combine wildflowers

with spring or summer bulbs

Combine wildflowers with flower bulbs to get the biggest explosion. The fiery colors of crocosmia will prolong the spectacle well into fall. It’s an easy to maintain summer meadow with a tropic flair. People love it. Pollinators too!

wildflower mixtures

a selection


An easy to sow and reliable mixture. This so-called "hybrid" mixture consists of annual and perennial species and feels at home on many soil types, where it shows a different face every time. It is at its best in an open and sunny location, then it will reward you with colour until autumn. Amelia only needs to be mown once a year.


Aurora is an exuberant and colourful mixture, with a great variety of flowering characteristics. Thanks to the wide variety of flowers, this mixture ensures that you can enjoy a number of highlights over the flowering period. It consists of 40 different types of flowers, including Eschscholzia californica, Linum grandiflorum, Artepitheton usitatissimum, Gypsophila paniculata, Papaver rhoeas, Centaurea cyanus, Calendula officinalis, Cosmos bipinnatus, Leucanthemum and Helianthus annuus. Gram/M2: 7 Height: 80cm


The bee-friendly mixture “Bellona” means you can enjoy a kaleidoscope of colour in gardens or parks. In addition, it provides essential pollen and nectar for honey bees, butterflies and bumblebees. This mixture consists of 40 different flowers, including Reseda odorata, Echium vulgare, Dracocephalum mol. var. moldavicum, Eschscholzia californica, Gypsophila paniculata, Papaver rhoeas, Centaurea cyanus, Calendula officinalis, Cosmos bipinnatus, Leucanthemum and Helianthus annuus. Gram/m2: 10 Height: 60cm


The “Carmenta” mixture is a real eye-catcher, consisting entirely of the seeds of tall flowering annuals. These flowers are ideal for larger areas, such as parks or golf courses. They also benefit birds, since the plants provide cover and a source of food. “Carmenta” consists of 40 different types of flowers, including Eschscholzia californica, Linum grandiflorum, Gypsophila paniculata, Papaver rhoeas, a large variety of Centaurea cyanus, Calendula officinalis, Cosmos bipinnatus, Leucanthemum, Helianthus annuus and Lavatera trimestris.


The “Damara” mixture flowers for a period of three to four weeks, and can even flower twice a year. After the first flowering ends at around the end of June, this mixture can be resown. These flowers can then be enjoyed once again at the end of summer! The flowers in “Damara” include Papaver rhoeas in a number of colours, Centaurea cyanus, Delphinium elatum, Hesperis matronalis and Linum grandiflorum.


Seedmixture “Eunomia” contains up to 35 low-growing species. This colourful mixture include for example, Limnanthes douglasii, Reseda odorata, Golden Poppy, Malcolmia maritima, red and blue Flax, Gypsophila commutatum, Cornflowers, Marigolds, Cosmos, Cape Marguerite.

Past wildflower projects

grown to be wild

flower your place erfurt biodiversity bees butterflies insects hotel home wildflowers wild flowers



BuGa 2021 in egapark Erfurt. Providing the straw hat feeling AND giving insects a leg up!

Mixed poppies near field of lavender in summer





Wildflower mats around a basin in Landgraaf

IMG_9760 (1)

nordrhein westfalen

flower your place flwoers landgraaf town hall



A daily reminder to Landgraaf's mayor to keep nature close. A wildflower patch parade in purple to please pollinators!



Flower your place Fulda wild flower mats all in concept



We flowered Fulda. It's easy to get good results with Urban Meadows wildflower mats. We will update with the results - we're excited!


baden würrtenberg

Flower your place München train station urban meadow



Proof that every place can be a meadow with flower your place flower mats - even a train station. It doesn't get more urban.


mixing with bulbs


Extra vibrance and biodiversity with bulbs. Add some lillies to the mix and count down the days to summer!

flower your place dublin roadside meadow urban wildflowers



A roadside meadow makes the commute more wholesome.

flower your place biodiversity landgraaf wadi flower mats wildflowers



Landgraaf made a future investment by dressing this wadi with flower your place wildflower mats! A necessary boost in biodiversity.

Flower your place wildflower meadow real ireland



Painterly dotted meadow, the way you imagine it.



Flower your place urban meadow italy



Fresh and vibrant inner city meadows will lift anyone's spirits!

Flower your place Brunssum wildbloemen aanplant biodiversiteit



A grateful buzzing in this pastel dotted field in Brunssum.

flower your place dokkum gracht canal riverside living area wildbloemenmat wildbloemen matten



Urban Meadow on a slope between road and water in Dokkum




Easy Urban Meadows: Deploying wildflower mats in Saarbrücken for quick results.




Steep riverbanks are no match for our wildflower mats. We put an Urban Meadow in the middle of Wittlich.

flower your place pollinator hub urban meadow Bergedorf Bille



A better panorama and a better world for pollinators. If your 10% of your community consists of flowering hubs like this, bees and butterflies will have a sustainable, permanent home in your city or town.

flower your place leimen wildbloemen



Wildflowers in Leimen, Baden. Thanks to the added flower bulbs, you can almost hear the buzzing of insects on this summer's eve.

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Mechanically planting of flower bulbs / flower bulb mix can only be done in closed sod. The smallest plant width is 0.50 m. The planting depth depends on the size of the bulb – approx. twice the diameter of the bulb – The surface should be relatively flat and free of stones, rubble and roots. The lawn should be mowed and moist before planting. You provide one or two employees who can refill the machine during the planting process and arrange for any reworking. The flower bulbs are delivered to you in advance. You take care of the transport of the flower bulbs from the storage to the planting site.

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